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Blue-Green EyeWelcome to The Accidental MediumMy personal blog that recounts what it’s like to live with daily wake-up calls from Spirit.  Before you venture further, you may want to read a bit more about me, The Accidental Medium. I do exist.  If you really want to hear the unabridged Back Story, it’s here.

If you’re still interested in following along as I’m being dished out yet another serving of lessons in awakening consciousness, please read the blog.   This blog relates what it’s like living in a house full of Intuitives, along with some of the insights I receive, and the questions I grapple with when other dimensions of existence decide to step through the veil into my world.  Or maybe it’s the other way around… ;  )

I have been somewhat awol for the past year or more. It’s been an expansive time period as we shift into higher frequencies – It’s been ‘testing’ me and expanding my view of myself and the world I live in.  And do I have a backlog of stories to tell! Life is so much more interesting when you dig deeper into your true nature,  let me tell you.

What you’ll learn from reading the running anecdotes found here is that the title of this blog is kind of a cosmic joke. In life, there truly are no accidents.  We are all here to go through specific experiences as part of our growth – as sad, funny, traumatic or bizarre as they may seem. We just need to trust that these things – the good and the bad, the scary and the seemingly innocuous – hold valuable lessons that will help to reveal our true selves and point to our life’s highest purpose. It reminds us that we are all Spirit – just some of us happen to be in physical form. And that we are all connected.

Yours in Spirit,

The Accidental Medium

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