Dimensional Fatigue – May 2013

am aurora borealis finland veils are thinWelcome to my first Energy Update!

Through my work, I’ve been receiving requests to give my take on this great adventure in consciousness. I’m doing this first piece stream of consciousness-style. Bear with me.  Here goes…

Anecdotal evidence points to lots going on in people’s households. Not sleeping, nightmares, highly lucid dreaming. Then there’s the waking hours: flashing light fixtures, electronic malfunctions, shadows out of the corners of the eye, lost items reappearing in strange places, time standing still or flying by, feelings of heaviness or lightness in a room, and seemingly unwarranted mood swings, along with downloads of insight (it’s the “where the heck did THAT come from?” type-info) that proves to be correct for no rational reason.

Then there’s our own physical shell that’s taking a bit of a beating right now – strange aches and pains, fatigue, assorted bodily anomalies, break-outs, allergic reactions, rashes, bizarre food cravings, exhaustion, switches in food preferences, lethargy, headaches, stomach aches, listlessness, flu-like symptoms, critical illness, accidents, tiredness, joint pain, weight gain, weight loss, death etc. etc. etc. fun. fun. fun.


We are all being blasted by and absorbing high energy photons. Rumour has it that our bodies are being rewired to take on more light, a.k.a “consciousness”. It can get a little uncomfy. While still in our physical bodies, many of us are now experiencing the vibration of the higher 4th dimension, and some of you are experiencing flashes of the bliss now available as we access the 5th. Consciously and unconsciously, we are learning to shift back and forth between 3rd and the 5th dimensions. Apparently, the goal is living a 5th dimensional existence where the ego no longer rules and love is all there is. Some people are making this shift in their bodies, some people are leaving their bodies behind. (I know I’m kind of in the “death” business, but I’ve noticed the  spike in deaths recently.)

Mood swings, raw nerves and total body exhaustion are common, along with a smorgasbord of emotions surfacing out of nowhere as we lighten the load to shift to a higher vibration.

In the course of a day, you might be feeling exhausted, forgetful, scattered and easily overwhelmed, unfocussed, relaxed, repressed, depressed, sad,  happy for no reason, anxious, unplugged, calm in the storm, unemotional, orgasmic, impatient, blissful, frustrated, critical, joyous, stressed, mad as hell, in the flow, OCD, disengaged or completely WTF? Then there is the quick-to-tear response with occasional full metal crying jags involving intense labored breathing that I fondly call the “hooka hooka’s”.

This physical/emotional roller coaster is blandly termed  “Dimensional Fatigue”.  Basically, it’s like the whole world is PMS’ing.

In clear contrast to those who have given up resistance (since it’s futile) and are choosing the often bumpy road into new realities (a process some refer to as “ascension”), there are still many in our midst who are holding on clench-fisted to the 3rd dimensional ways of being.

It’s time to accept that, while we are all heading to the same destination, we’re not going at the same rate, or taking the same path. So if you are getting frustrated by those bogged down on the white knuckle route and are not aware of what you are seeing or experiencing, try not to judge, don’t feel you need to convince, avoid going all high and mighty and don’t accept their judgement of you for where you are in this collective evolutionary path.  Everyone is on a different timeline in this ascension adventure.

One handy coping mechanism is to disassociate  with those parts of ourselves that are bubbling to the surface, that we just don’t want to deal with. As a consequence, there’s a lot of negative energy being thrown around, in the hopes that it will stick to other people. Recognizing that this is the current playing field, actively maintain healthy boundaries so you are NOT taking on other people’s issues.

To avoid being on the receiving end of another’s emotional hurling, (when I remember to) I ask myself the question: “Is this issue MINE?”  Sometimes it is – the person is mirroring an issue I need to take responsibility for in myself. But many times it isn’t – and the other person is trying to paste me with feelings they don’t want and that I can inadvertently absorb for them.

If you are an Empath like me, feeling compelled to rescue others, recognize that this is a self-preservation technique that helps you get rid of another’s feelings you’ve taken on as yours. But it’s a technique destined for failure – we cannot do another’s work for them – we put ourselves on the receiving end of more of the same. Avoiding those draining emotional vampires is an excellent option. But avoidance is not always possible with those close to you.You know these people – you love them but they don’t want a solution to move forward, they want to stay stuck in their story.

I’ve tried this experiment I call “Standing on the Balcony” and it seems to work. I take a deep breath, (it stops me from jumping into their drama). I stay quiet until they’ve done their monologue – and surprisingly – it doesn’t take long for them to exhaust themselves.  Admittedly, I don’t overly engage in active listening. (I sometimes plan my grocery list in my head, or recall my second honeymoon in Bora Bora).   Staying out of their drama reduces the tremendous charge these people get out of the retelling of their story.  Consequently, I am given a wide berth for future narratives.   People who invest heavily in staying stuck learn quickly that I support those who want to resolve their issues.

Ready or not, unresolved issues, untruths and unfinished business are coming up for clearing.  If you haven’t been doing it already (like the passed 15 years or so…) it’s time to face the STUFF and do the work to clear it. It’s akin to peeling an onion, with the associated tears. Things that are no longer serving us are glaring us in the face: relationships, habits, beliefs, careers, homes, businesses, money, the environment, politics, war, religion, health, addictions, violence, abuse, secrets & lies, corruption, controversy – you name it. There’s STUFF looming over you or someone you know.  For some, it seems that everything is under scrutiny. For others, it just hasn’t hit them yet.

Many of us are doing the work, and cleaning out the back closet that’s stuffed with old beliefs, fears and bad habits that no longer serve. It can be job that brings up sad memories, hurts and uncomfortable emotions. Often it’s another person (the one who drives us crazy) who is the trigger that forces us to deal with our own STUFF.  But the pay off is huge.  It feels so good when you finally ditch a bag of outfits no longer suitable for the new you. It creates space and shifts your perspective into a more aware way of being. Loved ones and loving beings are assisting us on this adventure into the greater knowing.

We are being given downloads of wisdom like never before. It’s time to listen up. Be aware. Not a time to glaze over, resist or blow off. Your Higher Self is just about done with your Ego’s 3D demands, its whining, its fear-mongering and me-first grab for the megaphone.  The point is to ACT when you get a divine download or insistent nudge. Act on issues. Act on unfinished business. Act on those parts of your life that no longer serves you. Action is a double punch – it means letting go of that which no longer serves and stepping into that which fits.

What I know for sure: What we resist persists.  Excuses, worry, confusion, overwhelm and procrastination are forms of fear that only make this path more painful. (There goes all my coping mechanisms.)

No more standing on the sidelines, people. No more waiting for / allowing others to determine our paths and purpose – it’s up to each of us to come out of hiding and be the powerful creators we truly are. That means facing fears and doing things we’ve avoided, or talked ourselves out of, possibly for years or our entire lifetime – til now.

It means allowing new people into our lives, and letting go of some fixture friends who are still where they are (at least for now). It’s time to give yourself permission to explore what you are passionate about and inspired enough to pursue in this lifetime.   It means getting out of our own way, and allowing clarity to move in.

(But fuzzy thinking came in so handy!?)

I’ve been learning that clarity is a process and often takes courage. It means allowing yourself to dream,  taking a stand for what you want, then stepping in. Even if it’s not clear what you are stepping into. I’ve also learned that the first step into the unknown can be daunting, almost impossible. So I invite you to LEEEEAN into the new world, baby! You may not be able to take a first step, but you can lean can’t you? When you lean in, clarity begins.

Then there are the encounters with other dimensions. People are waking up to this greater knowing – this ability to see from an expanded perspective. The “veil” between dimensions is very thin, and more of us are easily stepping thru it.  As such, you are going to have more contact with those who reside in these other planes of consciousness. This contact may appear as a coincidence or a bump in the night, an old familiar scent, a knowing, a chill on the skin, a voice in your head, music where there is none, tiny twinkle lights in your darkened bedroom, or a loving figure sitting at the side of your bed –  just a few examples.

You may even see Jesus standing in your bathroom. (Just sayin’. )

You may want to chalk up some of these encounters to imagination. (Sometimes they are.) But if you keep resisting what is real, it starts insisting. These experiences may be overwhelmingly loving, uncomfortable. or joyous. Or just a little mind blowing. Please don’t hold onto fear. or blow a fuse. You have control. You decide when and if you want to communicate. Demand your space. Demand that they leave, if you want. Stay present. You may be meeting a Spirit Guide for the first time.

Time is speeding up.  (Apparently, doing more and going faster no longer work for us? What’s up with THAT?). Taking things off the plate is now the life strategy of choice. Self care is essential now.

Get plenty of rest. Stay grounded (feel your body and keep your feet firmly planted on the floor). Eat properly – watch processed foods and sugar intake. Drink lots of filtered water. Move your body. Listen to your body – it’s your sharpest intuitive tool. Cry when you can – you are just moving energy out.  Letting your tears flow speeds the process of ridding old low energy that is no longer needed.

Take time to be still and present (a.k.a. meditation). BREATHE. Ask for guidance from Source. (The power of the breath to connect you to a wise and peaceful place cannot be over-stated.)

And finally, Be open to ideas but hold them lightly. Discernment is an ongoing process. It doesn’t mean you can’t make a stand for what you believe in. In fact, taking a stand is a byproduct of conscious evolution. People are realizing that this is THE time to make a stand and make a difference for the collective and the planet we call home. It’s time to question how we’ve been doing everything and what we’ve accepted as truth.  By questioning, you can’t help but expand our awareness into a greater knowing.  It helps to remind ourselves that truth is a moving target – What is true for you will change as your awareness shifts and expands.  (Case in point. I didn’t believe in angels. Until I met one.)

We are all connected, and going thru this evolution in consciousness one way or another. But we each hold different levels of awareness.  So it behooves us all to cut ourselves and each other some proverbial slack. Choose to be happy. Take care of yourself. Give yourself permission to let go of that which no longer serves your highest good. Take a stand. And leeeeeannn into your own dreams.

We live in amazing times.

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