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Thank you for your interest in an Intuitive Consultation Session. I don’t actively promote my consultations – people come to me by word-of-mouth.  I believe that if you find me, and my work resonates with you, it’s meant to be. Here, you’ll find a little bit about Intuitive Consultations and the underlying philosophy of these sessions.

Intuitive Insight.
We are all psychic: We all have capacities to tap into a greater knowing outside our cognitive brain.  We access this wisdom through a variety of intuitive pathways – some pathways are more open than others. Here is how this expanded awareness manifests itself in me:

I have two main intuitive pathways.
I am clairvoyant (I see symbols, images and movies) and I am clairaudient (I hear). I am also clairsentient – I feel the emotions of others (also called an “Empath”) and can sometimes pick up their physical pain in my own body. I also get downloads of knowledge – known as claircognizance. There are times when I pick up messages through taste (clairaugustine) and smell (clairalliance). Together these so-called sixth senses provide conduits for intuitive insight – which tap into wisdom beyond the brain, at the level of Universal Mind (or Spirit, Source, God or whatever name you are most comfortable calling it).

We are all energy vibrating at different frequencies. We are all frequencies of consciousness expressing its existence. I have learned that I have a natural ability to shift brainwave states,  and this ability allows me to access other planes of existence through the process of Mediumship. Mediumship is an ability connected to being psychic, but it’s not quite the same. All people have some level of psychic ability – we can all access intuitive information – but many of us do not have mediumship abilities (yet!).  A Medium serves as an energetic bridge between dimensions of existence.

Communicating with other planes of consciousness is an ability I was born with. In mediumship, I work with conscious entities at different frequencies of existence: earthbound spirits (a.k.a. ghosts) in the 4th dimension, people of who have crossed over into the light of the 5th dimension, and ascended masters and angelic beings in the higher vibrating realms of consciousness. The goal of mediumship is healing through clear communication, fresh insight and a change in perspective.

Tools for a Consultation.
My intuitive and mediumship abilities are the energetic resources I am able to call upon during consultations. These tools help the process I use to tap into a person or situation at an energetic level with the intention of receiving clear accurate messages for the highest good of all involved. I don’t use all the tools in every session – Source energy guides what tools are used for a particular client and message. The knowledge and advice that is revealed can be very different than what the client is thinking or expecting.

Life Issues and Next Steps.
In my capacity as an intuitive conduit, I can help you tap into the essence of a problem you are having and expand your awareness of that situation.  We can identify beliefs and emotional baggage that can get you “stuck”, help you gain valuable insight, and draw on your innate wisdom to create an action plan based on a higher perspective. I’ve helped clients with a variety of issues related to: family and partner dynamics, self-worth and self-care, abundance and creativity, career and business, traumatic events, life purpose and spiritual awakening.
(It’s all about awakening to our true nature…)

Grief Counseling & Pastoral Care.
For those who want assistance on the bridge between this life and the next adventure, I offer pastoral care for the dying and their families. For those suffering from the loss of a loved one, I engage my mediumship abilities to tap into the support and messages of loved ones who now reside in another plane of consciousness.

Mentoring of Intuitive Families.
Children are naturally tuned into other dimensions of consciousness. In the past, these intuitive channels tended to shut down around the age of seven, when the ego was fully developed and the left brain was focused on school work. Many of the children of today are born with all their awareness turned on, and this can stay on. It can be very scary for children who have spiritual experiences, encounters or “knowings” without a sensitive and caring parent who is willing to acknowledge the child’s situation without judgement, and provide them with the support they need and the sense of safety they require. I help children, teenagers and their families to cope with spiritual activity in their homes, create protective boundaries and learn to embrace their specific intuitive capacities as part of every day life.

The Take-Away of an Intuitive Consultation.
Clarity helps us to shift into an expanded awareness of who we truly are, what we our purpose is, what we are here to learn and resolve,, and how we can fully express our creative genius in this lifetime. The goal of an Intuitive Consultation is to help you access expanded wisdom and clarity that is beyond that available in the physical plane, your emotional state or mental processes.

In an Intuitive Consultation Session you may take away the gift in a hardship, goodness in a “bad” parent, opportunity in a limitation, gratitude for a disappointment, an awakening in a tragedy, the empowerment in facing the unknown, and self-mastery found in the eye of resistance.  Expanded awareness and clarity is available to you. It’s your choice to be open to it and make the shift.  I will support you.

Clarity is a Choice.
The Universe, Consciousness, Spirit, Source, God – whatever you want to name it – supports you in letting go of what does not serve you and making changes that do.  But it’s your choice. Intuitive Consultation Sessions can open up clients to expanded possibilities and can ignite their own intuitive capacities. When you are ready move out of chaos, confusion, distraction, competition, scarcity and fear found in 3D living and are willing to explore a greater clarity found in the energy of expanded awareness, the way you view the world starts to change in beautiful ways.

If you would like to know more about making an appointment for an Intuitive Consultation Session, please click here.   Terms and disclaimers are found here.  To learn How to Get the Most Out of a Session, please click here.  I look forward to helping you on your own unique path.

In service and in thanks to Spirit for infinite return,

The Accidental Medium

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