How to Get the Most Out of a Session.

A Positive Session involves a shift in perspective.
A valuable benefit of an intuitive consultation session is having a discrete third party with a sympathetic ear you can openly talk to in total privacy without fear of judgment. This is a sacred space that is safe for you to be seen and heard and express yourself. Yet this is  just the starting point of your session and not the sole purpose of our time together: Our goal is to give you valuable insight that will help you shift into a more joyful way of being.

To paraphrase Albert Einstein: No problem can be solved from the perspective that created it. A positive session will lift you up, may show you what’s working and what’s not, give you comfort and help you to take positive steps to resolve a concern. Messages come through to help you shift perspective, make a choice, heal and move forward.

Keep an open mind.
It is important to have a clear intention about what you want to discuss, however be open to receive whatever messages that come in. The more open and accepting you are to the process, the more quickly we can move into the core of your issue. Don’t come with the intention of hearing what you want to hear. Let go of expectations of what the outcome of a session should be. What you think is your problem may not be at the core of your issue.

This is a co-creative process.
In a session,  I will receive and relay messages, but it’s ultimately up to you to interpret their meaning. To get the true value of this process, it is best to be in a receptive frame of mind to openly engage and fully participate in our session with your attention and intention. Extreme grief, underlying rage, addiction, distrust of the intuitive counselling process, underlying fear of what might come through are all “stuck” states of mind that may cloud a session – or they may be shifted in a beautiful way!  If you are resistant to receiving a different view of your situation, this may not be the right time for a session to be of service to you.

Your Part in the Session.
To lay the ground work for our time together, please review the underlying philosophy of an intuitive consultation before our session together. I request that you not drink any alcohol or take any mind altering substances 24 hours prior to our telephone appointment together.  As part of preparation, it’s up to you to have the courage to ask important questions that are on your mind.   The Universe loves laughter, so please don’t forget to bring your sense of humor!

I cannot “call in the dead”.
If you are looking to connect with a specific person you want to hear from, I cannot guarantee it. There is a process to this session and it must be honored. A connection must be made, and energy must flow before a person who has passed will come through. It seems that in the spirit world, the person who has the most urgent message gets first dibs on airtime.

I am not a fortune teller.
I cannot help you to choose a winning lotto ticket, buy a stock or reveal whether that guy you are dating is going to marry you. Nor are deceased people, who may come through during a session, connecting to give you predictions. They are there to comfort, address unfinished business, make amends, clarify miscommunications, and give a higher perspective on what’s important in life.

Listen and take notes.
Please listen to the information that comes forward so that you can truly benefit from your appointment.  Some information may mean nothing to me but be important to you. Some of it may seem insignificant, and some of it may be very profound. Sometimes you will not understand the information and may need to refer to a family member after the call. Please have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes.

Every session is different.
While I usually receive information for you before a session, I never know how a session will go or what will come through. Messages may not be what you want or thought you’d hear but they can provide you with insight, validation or a piece of the puzzle that helps you move forward.  What clients often remark about is the seemingly trivial things that may come up, yet it is often these little details that stand out in the reading and give clients great comfort, an aha moment, or even a laugh!

If you would like to know more about an Intuitive Consultation Session , please click here.  To make an appointment for an Intuitive Consultation Session, please click here.   I look forward to helping you on your own unique path.

In service and in thanks to Spirit for infinite return,

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