Terms and Conditions

A private intuitive consultation is 50 minutes to one hour. All sessions are conducted via land-line telephone in North America and are Eastern Standard Time. Please read About Consultations for a greater understanding of the Intuitive Consulting process.   How to Get the Most Out of a Session provides additional details.

By accepting an Intuitive Consultation Session with me through paid confirmation, the client understands and accepts the following aspects and terms of the session:

The session is meant as a guideline only and to help the client better reflect upon themselves, where they have been, where they are now and where they potentially may be going. A session does not provide prophecy, or guarantee accuracy on possible future events.

A session with me is in no way meant to supplant, over-ride, deter or undermine sound health care practices, or replace sound medical advice, psychological counseling or legal or healthcare advice:  It is meant to work with these other modalities, not supersede them.

My role is not to tell the client what they want to hear. I can only tell the client what I am receiving, and will interpret the information for the client to the best of my ability.

It is not my decision as to who may come through during a session: I cannot guarantee that I will connect with or have messages from the specific people that the client may want to hear from.

I do not guarantee the accuracy of my insights and am in no way responsible for the result of the client session. The client is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their own interpretation of the insights presented in a session.

The consultation fee is paid for the output of energy and time I use on the client’s behalf.

The  appointment time reserved for the client is confirmed upon full payment. Nonpayment of an appointment within the time frame given will result in an automatic cancellation of that appointment. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy, and we do charge full rate for readings canceled with less then 24 hours notice and/or missed appointments.

Paid confirmation of the appointment is evidence that the client has accepted the above terms and release the Accidental Medium and Ultramarine Media Inc. from any and all legal responsibility for the intuitive counseling session.

I look forward to our appointment, and a positive and rewarding intuitive counseling session for all parties involved.

With thanks to Spirit for infinite return.

The Accidental Medium

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