About the Medium

A little bit about me – the Accidental Medium.

I am not a flake.

I am a middle class, middle-aged, full-time Mom and part-time professional business consultant.  I enjoy excellent mental health, and am physically quite healthy (even with the onset of middle-aged aches and pains).  I am raising a healthy family with my loving, fully-functioning partner and husband of 12 years. He’s no flake either. As it turns out, (like most kids) my children are highly intuitive too. I do suffer from sleep deprivation at times.

I hold an MBA degree and have been in the ‘rational’ world of business all my adult life.  I was living a Type A, left-brain, competitive existence until my intuitive right brain started screaming to get out.  I was well into adulthood before I learned I was psychic – through loss, some twists of fate, coincidences, and happenstance. Kind of by accident. With some serious denial and repression along the way.

If you met me at a social gathering, you wouldn’t know I talk to dead people.  I don’t make casual cocktail conversation talking about so-called ‘paranormal’ phenomenon. I open up about my 6th sense to only a handful of people I DO know well.

I don’t portray any of the stereotypical hallmarks of a psychic. I dress quite conservatively – There are no long, flowing, diaphanous robes in my closet. I don’t maintain long painted fingernails to better grip my crystal ball. I don’t own a crystal ball. I don’t have much by the way of fingernails either.

I don’t dance alone in public places to music only I can hear. (Although I’m beginning to think this might be a good addition to my spiritual practice).  I’ve never joined a coven or practiced Goddess Worship. I’ve never had my palm read to find my true love or next job. I compost tea leaves, not read them.  There’s nothing wrong with any of the above:  I just don’t choose to do them.

We all have psychic pathways that bring us intuitive information. Some pathways are stronger than others. I have two main psychic pathways. I am clairvoyant – I see messages from Spirit in the form of pictures, movies, that includes flashes of insight into the future and into the past.  I “see” by viewing a mental screen in my mind.  And sometimes these spirits show themselves in the physical. I am also clairaudient – I hear messages from Spirit in my left ear.  Sometimes the words are voiceless – it’s telepathic communication, and other times it’s clearly a voice inside my head, or outside in my immediate physical environment.

When I ignore or try to shut down these two main pathways, my clairsentience steps into high gear.  I believe we are all clairsentient:  Like most people I am aware of the emotional energy in a room- especially if it is low vibrational (aka negative) energy.  I can feel energy coming off of objects, coming off animals and people,  seen and unseen.  At times, I can feel the physical pain of another in my own body.

And like most people, I am clair-cognizant. I get downloads, like a CD being dropped into a CD player. The information is not coming from my logical brain, but from a source that just “KNOWS”.

Recently, I’ve been shown I can communicate with animals.  It was a bit of a shock to hear a horse start talking to me – telling her story in telepathic words and in movies.  Her message helped her owner gain perspective and create a deep bond with this lovely yet agitated Paint. Animal communication is something I have not consciously developed, yet I’ve learned it is very similar to mediumship.  I am the bridge.

As a Medium – that’s what I do:  I act as a bridge between this physical world and the non-physical planes of consciousness. I am able to convey messages from those who have passed on to those who are still on this side. I don’t get to choose who comes in for a visit – Spirit does. I’ve come to know Mediumship as a very healing and noble profession when done with sensitivity, skill and honorable intentions. It’s also a big responsibility, and one I take very seriously.

As I began my steep ascent along the spiritual pathway, I soon met others in my community having their own experiences. It was comforting to know we are not alone in our experiences.  There are more of us going through this than you’d think. It’s a big secret that many people know about yet nobody is talking – afraid of the judgement of others.

When I found my own spiritual footing,  gained more experience, and some training, I decided to start a  blog in 2010 to help other families who are facing the same issues and fears that I have had to deal with. I hope this blog will help you and your family on your own path by sharing our family stories, knowledge and personal insights gained along the way.

For those of you who are being thrown into the deep end of psychic activity, please stay tuned to this blog. You’ll find you are not weird. You are not alone. And that ‘paranormal’ is totally normal. We can all access other planes of consciousness: We are all spirit.

Yours in Spirit,

The Accidental Medium

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