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The Session.
A private intuitive consultation is 50 minutes to one hour. All sessions are conducted via land-line telephone in North America and are Eastern Standard Time. Click About Consultations for a greater understanding of the Intuitive Consulting process.   How to Get the Most Out of a Session provides additional details. Read Terms and Conditions to understand the client relationship in this process.

The standard length for an intuitive counseling session with me, the Accidental Medium, is one hour.  This private telephone consultation is $150 US.

I value your privacy and will not share your identity or our conversation with anyone. I do not keep your payment information on file – it is all managed through PayPal. Once your appointment is scheduled and paid for, you will need to provide me with a telephone number where I can reach you at your appointment time.

You may record the session if you choose.  I do not use recording equipment. Please have a pen and paper ready to make notes.

The intuitive counseling session is a co-creative process so there is some preparation involved before our session:

Prior to the session, I spend dedicated quiet time alone to clear and ground my energy. I then meditate on your situation. I let my intuitive channels open up and show me messages in words and pictures that I will describe to you during your session.

For your part in our session, I request that you not drink any alcohol or take any mind altering substances 24 hours prior to our telephone appointment together. To lay the ground work for our time together, please review the underlying philosophy of an intuitive consultation before our session together.  As part of preparation, it’s also your “job” to be open to the process, be open to receiving the messages that come through, have the courage to ask questions and let yourself be seen.  The Universe loves laughter, so please don’t forget to bring your sense of humor! Finally, please have a pen and paper handy so you can take notes.

Book a Session.
To book an intuitive counseling session, you must first contact me using the Booking Request Form below to reserve a date and time.   I make an effort to get back to you within 48 hours.  You can expect to get your session reserved with me within a two week time period during non-holiday time.  Please read our terms and do not prepay until you have received an appointment date and time.

Payment Confirmation.
To confirm your appointment with me, you’ll be given a time frame to come back to this page to pay via Paypal / Credit Card.  For additional details, please read the terms for our consultation session.

Booking Request Form.
Please read about the underlying philosophy of an intuitive consultation before completing a booking request.

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Pay for Consultation.
To confirm your reserved appointment, please use one of the payment options provided through PayPal by clicking on the “Buy Now” link below. NOTES:  By paid confirmation of your appointment, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the terms of our consultation session.  Your credit card statement will reflect a payment to PAYPAL*ULTRAMARINE MEDIA


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