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Today I was compelled.
It was as though someone had a gentle hand at the center of my back, silently steering me in a direction I hadn’t thought to take.  When I woke up this morning I had tons of things to do. But starting another website was not one of them. Or so I thought.

But when Spirit talks, it’s hard to ignore. It’s persistent. I actually didn’t think much about Spirit talking to me as I opened up a host account, downloaded WordPress and started writing my first page. I just did it. It was oddly effortless. I was in the flow but didn’t even think about that at the time:  I just accepted that this is what I was supposed to be doing. So I’ve set up this blog on wordpress, chosen a simple theme, and written three pages.  Now on to this post.

The Veil was thin that day.
Two days ago we’d had a full day.  My daughter woke up early, walked into the living room, sat down on the couch and remarked that she saw an energy around a young middle-age looking woman being interviewed on TV. We don’t make a big deal about this stuff. We take it all in with an open mind and a grain of salt. Kids are intuitive. And they have huge imaginations.

“That’s interesting, sweetheart. Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?”
“It’s a man. Maybe he’s her husband. He’s close to her”, she says matter-of-factly.
“Do you know what that lady is talking about”?
“No. Can I have some watermelon for breakfast”?

My oldest daughter is six. She doesn’t like the news. It’s boring.  And she’s too young to understand coal mining disasters or that one had claimed the life of that woman’s adult son. Wondering if information was open to me too, I do a brief meditation on my own and try to tap into the situation. I clearly see three men lying in a dark corner, not breathing, and one man on his side, breathing in another dark place. I hear  the words “For Now”. Later that day, CNN reports there were 3 people still unaccounted for in one part of the mine, and another in a separate area. I don’t watch a lot of TV so haven’t heard of their fate. I prayed for their families and for the safe passage of these men, whether it’s to this, or the other side.

I didn’t see Mr. Fuzzy.
As we drive the kids to school, my youngest daughter comments that the man who lives in the old red house isn’t there today. A neighbor of my parents, Mr. F. died about 30 years ago and all that is left of his property is a tiny red dilapidated outbuilding. My youngest daughter sees him from time to time. But not that day.

My other daughter complains about all the spirit activity in the main bathroom. “Why don’t those people go away? I don’t know them! I can’t help them! I just want to pee”!

I explain to her again about how to set boundaries so they will go away.  The ‘It’s not a big deal. Just do it” speech. My eldest daughter grumbles. I wonder what it’s going to be like when she’s a teenager? My husband wonders if other families have these kinds of conversations driving their kids to school?

Channeling on a Date.
We drop off the girls at school and head for our “date” at Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch. My Husband begins to talk about the latest book he’d read. Another history book on Spain. He’s read hundreds of these books over the years. He’s been to Spain 49 times. He’s done educational films on Spain. It’s his thing. Most of his travels were before my time. I try to focus. My eyes glazeth over. I start silently planning my day. Making to-do list’s in my head.

I stop. I really owe my Husband my full attention. We are on a date after all.  As he talks on about the book,  I concentrate on clearing my head, to become fully present. I’m still not at a point where I’m listening to all his actual words – I hear some of them in the background as I continue to clear extraneous thought – and as I do, I begin to see a bunch of people standing behind him.

“Ahh. Honey…? Sorry to interrupt. But there’s a bunch of people standing behind you.”
“Really? Can you see who they are”?

Mostly men. They are not from this time. A man dressed in finery – a gold brocade cape, black shiny boots, fancy knickers. Rakish hat with a feather.  Quite the dandy. Maybe some kind of courtier? High government official? Somebody close to the King.  There’s a soldier standing to his right, wearing almost full armor and  a metal helmet that allows me to see his full face. A Pancho Villa look-alike stands to the Dandy’s left.  This man is dressed in black, and carries a leather satchel over his shoulder that seems to be filled with important documents. Fleeting glimpses of a young woman standing to one side, wearing a long blue and white gown.  A beautiful black horse appears behind the Dandy man.

“When was this”?
“I’m seeing the number 12. I’m hearing ‘eleven hundreds’. That makes sense.”

I am now channeling a past life event for my Husband at Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch. Information is flying at me and I can barely keep up.  I’m blurting it out as fast as I can. My husband listens, asks me questions and knows better than to agree or disagree or slow me down as I continue to blurt details.  I want the pure information from Spirit to flow through me, and not get stuck in my mind where it can get tainted or skewed by input I’m given from this side. The less I know from this side, the better.

I learn a lot about my Husband this morning. He’d been a military and government Advisor in Spain. He’ d owned a hacienda. He had a family that lived in the city where it was safe. He’d been in the military. He was a gentleman farmer. I describe his house. I’m shown a landmark in the city and recognize what the city is.  I’m shown how my Husband will die – Spirit doesn’t show disturbing details. It’s voice is calm and reassuring, providing emotionless facts and the energy of love.  My Husband would walk into the path of an oncoming horse and wagon. The horse is beautiful, tall and black. Hmmm. My husband wasn’t paying attention. It wasn’t meant to happen. He was too focused on something else. T’was ever thus.

As the reading starts to wind down – the energy wanes like a brown out and the people step back. Except for the Pancho Villa look-alike who steps forward and starts to talk. He turns out to be a close friend of my Husband’s in this life who’d died a couple of years ago. I’d only met him once. He was a travel consultant who’d organized all the documents, made all the arrangements for my Husband’s many trips to Spain. Hmmm. The man’s eyes twinkled at me, he punches my husband in the shoulder and expounds with great affection, “THIS is MY FRIEND”!

I get hit by a huge wave of unconditional love. I start to cry in the middle of breakfast at Cora’s Breakfast & Lunch. It’s so pure, this energy that washes over me – full of joy. This reminds me to mention that the upside of being an Empath is that I feel others’ emotions very strongly. The downside is, I feel others’ emotions very strongly.

My husband says, “I hope you can remember to write this down”.

Then later that morning at a visit to our Homeopath, I see two of the doctor’s Guides leaning over her, one looks over each shoulder as she writes her notes.   She knows I can see her Guides. She can feel them there. She says one draws her attention to focus on specific things – makes her highlight certain notes. The other teaches her more about chemistry – How the mind, emotions and spirit are inter-connected chemically in the body. She is unfazed knowing they are near her. Most people tend to be clairsentient, having the experience of feeling spirit around them at sometime during their life.

My Mom calls that evening and I tell her about our busy day on both sides of the veil. She says, “I hope you’re writing this all down”.

A Tap on the Shoulder.
That night I’m putting my kids to bed, the youngest is in her bed, my #1 child by my side as I settle the wee one down. Eldest child starts tapping me on the shoulder. I ignore her as I plump pillows and cover #2 child with her duvet. The tapping continues and I finally turn my head to the bugging child and say, “Will you please ST….”.

But my daughter isn’t tapping my shoulder. Nobody is. At least nobody I can see.

“What’s the matter, Mommy”?
“Never mind”.

I better write this all down.

Reminders of the Queen Mary.
I’ve been briskly tapped on the shoulder before, on the Queen Mary. And there was nobody around me at that time either, at least nobody I could see physically.  But in my mind’s eye, I saw a young sailor in uniform smiling back at me on the bow of the cruise liner.  I guess he just wanted me to acknowledge him.

I’ve been to Long Beach many times and have stayed on the Queen Mary at least five of those visits. On almost every trip, I’d have unexplainable things happen on the Queen Mary, whether as a guest or not. On this particular trip, the floating hotel  was now promoting scheduled Ghost Tours of the ship and selling a new book about the ‘Haunted Queen Mary’.  Knowing my propensity for weird stuff happening around me on this boat, my girlfriend bought me the book.  But I was resistant to cracking the spine. I didn’t do ghost stories. The thought of reading one scared me. I’d never read one.

After that tap on the shoulder I decided that, as unsettling as it felt in my gut, I’d better read the ‘Haunted Queen Mary’ book.  But only after I returned home. And during daylight hours. With someone in the same room. A chicken sh.t – I admit it openly. The book would confirm that areas in the ship where I’d had experiences were already documented as being active, including the bow of the boat where the soldier tapped me on the shoulder. It was a spiritual whack on the side of the head. I felt a bit disoriented.  Made my hair stand on end. Why was it that I’m seemed to walk into this stuff? It would take me many more years before I’d find out.

When Spirit Gets Physical.
My thinking is that when the Spirit world takes the time and energy to come in physically, my attention is being sought in a big way. I’ve been meaning to write down more of the recent happenings in the past few weeks, but hadn’t tried until now. I was feeling stressed about not doing it, since more was going on and I could quickly forget important parts if I don’t document. But life gets in the way. I have other pressing matters on my mind. Like kids, meals, sleep, making a living.

This website has been an idea for more than two years. Starting it has been a tough nut to crack. So today, when I stopped everything to kick start this site with no previous intention of doing so, I realized that tap on my shoulder two evenings ago was the gentle extra whack I needed to get me moving forward. I need to do this for me and for others who will want to read it.  My site’s got a long way to go. But I found the time and the energy to take action towards this goal by simply recognizing and accepting the nudgings the Universe has been giving me. Starting is the tough part. It should flow much easier now.

— With thanks to Spirit for infinite return.
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