Ghosts are People Too Part 2 – Manifestations 101

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To Our Readers:
This is the continuing email conversation about Ghosts between my old friend McFly and I to help him with his Ghost Tours of New Orleans.  Here is Part 1, if you haven’t read it yet.

Okay McFly.
Moving on with your next question about ghosts…This is a biggie, so we’ll have to do it in two parts.

#3.  How do ghosts manifest themselves?
There are many ways ghosts make themselves known, from the subtle to the blatant, and a few that are downright scary.  Let’s start with the some of the calmer classics, and milder forms of manifestation.

Ghosts seem pesky.

But most ghosts we encounter are our own dearly departed who just want to make sure we loved ones are okay.  They don’t want to freak anyone out, but they can do just that because sadly, most of us are not that accepting of a bigger reality than the physicality of our three dimensional world.

It usually boils down to us freaking out, and not about ghosts trying to scare us.  As I go through some of the manifestations, be aware that true Spirits (i.e. those who have gone to the light) can do much of this manifestation too. It’s just much harder for true Spirits to operate in our lower vibrational field.

Orbs & Mists.
A ghost can appear to the naked eye as a ball or sphere of light – the orb can be in mid air or can be hovering up near the ceiling. The orb can be a dark or light color – the color doesn’t seem to correlate to an evil energy or a beneficent energy.

Ghosts can appear as a mist. Again it can be a white, gray or dark mist – color doesn’t seem to mean anything although other people may weigh in differently on this detail.  Why do ghosts tend to hang out in misty moors a la Wuthering Heights? Water is an excellent amplifier and transmitter of energy.  A ghost can really come through on a misty moor, or any place with high humidity.

Ghostly Images.
I’m sure you’ve seen photos provided as “evidence” that Ghosts were present in some haunted space: An orb of light has been “caught” on video or a photographic image.  Are the floating balls really a ghost or just a speck on the lens? I don’t discount the former, but recognize that there are other explanations for unusual shapes appearing in an image. Then there are the outlines of faces appearing on an image.  Are the faces real, or a trick of the light?  It’s hard to say.  No doubt there are opportunities for an image to be “adjusted” to make it look like a paranormal experience.

But I also believe that if someone has experienced something with the naked eye their camera will pick it up too.  And let’s say we’re looking through a camera lens, setting up a shot of a beautiful landscape – most of us don’t notice there are hydro wires running through the image until after the photo is taken.  Same things applies to a ghost sighting – if we’re not looking for it we may not see it until we’ve had a chance to review it after the fact.  Keep an open mind, I say. I’ve learned that fact can be far more mind-boggling than any fiction we dream up.

Ghosts are known to move things.
On one of the occasions I was staying on the Queen Mary, during the night everything that I’d brought into the cabin that was sitting on a flat surface moved just about 1 inch to the side – And I mean EVERYTHING – weight didn’t matter.  It wasn’t the maid. It was a little spooky to think a ghost was rearranging my room while I slept.

Beatrice, the little girl ghost attached to the antique carousel horse we were gifted, used to flip my empty incense burners on the floor to let me know she was there. (BTW: Nothing was burnt  – just ashes on the floor).

Ghosts have a penchant for rattling or breaking glass – Pushing a glass so that it falls off a shelf or table onto the floor seems to be a favorite.  It makes a lovely crashing sound and it’s an easy attention-getter because it’s lightweight.

A ghost can leave “gifts” for a loved one to find.
When we were clearing out my grandparents’ house (after my grandmother had died) I found two lovely tobacco boxes. I wanted them. But something told me they really belonged to my brothers: My grandfather had died a long time ago and he and my brothers had spent much time together.  They got them.

My brothers flew home and my Mom and I stayed to finish emptying the house. I’d been working by myself in the basement. It had been a huge job, but the downstairs area was now completely cleared of stuff.  Before we locked up the house, Mom did a final sweep of the main floor to see if we’d left anything behind, and I took a final look of the basement.

There on the empty floor in the basement was a metal tobacco canister of my grandfather’s. It was in perfect condition, although it was obviously quite old.  It still contained some of his tobacco.  I had been the only one in the past week clearing out the vestiges in the basement – not even my Mom had been down there – and I’d never seen this canister before.  The space had been completely cleared out but here was this bright yellow canister. The antique dealer wanted to know if I was going to sell it because it was a collector’s item.  I declined.  It was a gift from my grandfather. Later I discovered my grandfather is one of my main Spirit Guides.

Ghosts can also leave a scent.
I have many examples of this but what first comes to mind is my grandmother. When I went back to get something I’d forgotten from my grandmother’s empty house after we’d just shown it to prospective buyers, my grandmother’s distinct scent of “White Shoulders” perfume was at the front entrance.  I have a very keen sense of smell.  There had been no smell of perfume in the house when we’d cleaned it out.  There was no scent at the front door when I’d locked the door just a few minutes earlier.  My grandmother knew I would know it was her.  I think she approved of the buyers.  We sold the house.

Ghosts love electronics.
Ghosts and their Spirit brethren are energy aficionados. Ghosts especially are always developing their abilities to manipulate energy so they tend to go to town: Lights can flash, computers can crash, printers will jam or go haywire, alarms will go off for no apparent reason, telephones ring with nobody on the other end. Even messages are left and the person leaving them has been dead for some time. You get the picture.

There’s a reason why mirrors were covered during wakes.
On a surprisingly consistent basis, I’ve found mirrors to be the culprits in homes where there have been paranormal disturbances.  There is a theory that suggests ghosts get mixed up and go to a mirror instead of the light.  In my grandparents day, you always covered the mirrors when the home was being used for wakes and visitations (from this side) where the departed one was laid out for viewing on the dining room table.  My advice. Smudge any antique mirrors you might have with sage before you bring them into your house.  (I’ll cover protection in an upcoming post.)

Some mirrors cannot be cleared of other energy and I may advise people to throw those mirrors away.  It depends. If the ghost is a loved one, they aren’t leaving, mirror or no mirror, until their needs are met.

I have a friend who had been disturbed nightly by sounds in her bedroom. One night she woke up, turned on the light and inadvertently looked into an old mirror she’d acquired that was hanging by her bedside.  She saw an old woman’s face that she didn’t recognize staring back at her. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough for me to throw a mirror out, no matter how rare and exotic.

Well, McFly. Before we get into more nitty gritty about things that go bump in the night, I will sign off.  This is enough for you to process for now. More to come… (Part 3 – Manifestations 2.0)

Big hugs,
Tida. (aka The Accidental Medium)

— With thanks to Spirit for infinite return.
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