Ghosts are People Too Part 5 – What do they want from us?

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To Our Readers:
This is the continuing email conversation about Ghosts between my old friend McFly and I to help him with his Ghost Tours of New Orleans.  Here are the links to Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Okay McFly,
Your next question about ghosts is not as straight forward to answer, but I can give you a few more interesting ghostly details… Some of this information may sound a little repetitive but my point here is that ghosts really are people too.

# 5. What are Ghosts trying to learn from us–if anything?
I don’t know if any ghosts are actually trying to “learn” from us as much as perhaps get our attention.  So the more precise question might be “What do ghosts want from us?”

Ghosts have many of the same concerns we have…
to be heard, to be understood, to be acknowledged, get a message across, to make amends, to show us how much they love us, to ask for help.  Others like to stir things up – and enjoy our fearful reaction. As I mentioned, these darker ghosts want to feed off our fearful energy.  In life they only knew how to get negative attention, and get what they wanted by acting out, behaving badly.  And so it goes after death. The dark ghosts sh-t disturb.

Every Ghost is different.
Just like us, each ghost is an individual:  Different personalities, different levels of awareness, and different ways of communicating. If you can shift your perspective to a place where you can accept that ghosts are really just like us here on earth, ghosts lose their scary qualities.  But if you choose to be freaked out by ghosts, it won’t really matter to you whether or not they are “good” or “bad” – they’ll all seem bad to you.  Yes, there are unhappy ghosts who behave badly just like there are people on this side who are unhappy who behave badly. But the world is essentially a good place.

If a Ghost wants our attention…
And can feel that we can sense them, they will do their best to let us know they are present.  We all have different levels of awareness and acceptance of ghosts, so how a ghost appears or behaves in front of one person may have little or no impact on another, less aware person.

Ghosts often create a physical disturbance to get our attention – we discussed these manifestations at some length – but if we ignore that disturbance, they will ratchet things up a bit until we do acknowledge their presence.  This ratcheting up of their presence can be scary, even if it’s a happy ghost.

When I’ve refused to acknowledge that subtle experiences were actually ghost work, I’ve had blinds flying up in the middle of the night and my rocking chair rocking on it’s own accord.  Suffice to say, when I finally acknowledged their presence, things calmed down.

For those Ghosts with a message –
Their message might be “Do not follow my path” – i.e. don’t do what they did. Some are trying to get us to move forward with our lives.  Their message might be “Don’t let grief stop you from your own life path.” Or maybe the message is “Let go of grudges against loved ones here on earth” or even a grudge held against the ghost himself.  They may want us to be aware of and let go of beliefs that aren’t true that block our true selves:

Ghosts want us to heal with the truth.
A big reason for a loving ghost to get our attention is based on the need to mend rifts in relationships. The ghost may have died during a time of major family upheaval and feel they cannot leave until the division has been healed.  I believe that one of the reasons my mother-in-law wouldn’t leave was due to her traumatic departure – she was relatively young, when out of the blue she had a massive stroke.  Her sons blamed their father for not making the emergency call quickly enough, and not getting her to the hospital on time to save her life. They held their father responsible for her death, but the truth is it was her time. The boys needed to stop blaming their father and heal their personal relationships with their Dad.

Some Ghosts are full of apologies.
Ghosts who perceive themselves to have behaved badly in life may stay to make amends.  Full of guilt or shame, they may be trying to tell us something they feel “guilty” for – and that energy of guilt is so heavy they don’t go to the light.  They stay behind because they don’t feel worthy and may want to confess to ease their burden.  This has been seen to happen with soldiers who have died in combat, who may have believed they’d made a wrong decision on the battlefield and were not able to protect or save the lives of their comrades.

Lady Camille: Overwhelmed by guilt and grief
Lady Camille, a ghost I’ve mentioned before who used to be a regular visitor here, was full of regret. She felt responsible for the death of a loved one.  Her remorse, shame, guilt and grief were so heavy it was “scary”.  She could not leave until I listened to her confession and we worked through the guilt that bound her to this earthly plane. It was a  good lesson for me – Don’t mix up intense emotion with something to be fearful of.

Good Ghosts and Spirits have similarities.
Much of what I am saying about the “good ghosts” for lack of a better descriptor also applies to those Spirits in the higher realms who come in to visit – they also want us to unblock ourselves, let go of false beliefs and follow the path of unconditional love.  Their energy is so much more subtle than that of most ghosts, it’s much more difficult to discern their presence.

Some Ghosts are oblivious to the fact they are dead.
They may get frustrated or down right pissed off that we are ignoring them.  They may be trying to get our attention and be confused if we cannot see them.  Ghosts that need to be heard don’t like being ignored: many we ignore them because we think it’s our imagination playing tricks on us.

The Red-Headed Woman
When Kate was younger, she had a young French woman who kept visiting her bedside to try to talk to Kate.  This tall woman with vibrant red hair refused to talk to me. I was not important. Kate was. She didn’t believe me when I told her she was dead and needed to go to the light. She treated me as though I was crazy, not to be trusted. I gradually learned that she was a friend of Kate’s from a past life who was still stuck in her own reality and couldn’t see that Kate was now a four year old who didn’t understand French.  (I must post the full story!)

Other Ghosts may totally ignore us:
We may feel a ghost but never see them because we aren’t important to them. They may not reveal themselves because they don’t know us or trust us.  Still other ghosts we may see but they ignore us because they are playing out their life in their own time warp, a time when we didn’t exist so we don’t “appear” to them.

The Native Brave
When Kate was a baby, I had repeat visitations from what may have been a native chief who didn’t acknowledge Kate’s or my presence – he would position himself, very straight with head held high, on an old oak chair in Kate’s room, observing an unseen landscape.  It was obvious he was a man of considerable stature in the scheme of things. Our house is new but I later discovered we live on sacred land that natives did not live on, but was a gathering spot for ceremonies almost two centuries ago.

The Goddess Worshiper
When Kate was just three, early one morning Kate cried out. I rushed into her room and she said “Mommy, why did you leave? You were just here!” I wasn’t just there – I was definitely in bed.   But my eyes were drawn towards the door, where I saw the back of a woman floating out. She was about my height, with hair about my length, but she was wearing a long black cloak. She looked straight out of the mid 1800’s.

I have since learned that back then goddess worship was a popular but covert activity around here: The local rural women would gather in secret on full moons – possibly when their men were off camping and fishing.  This information tied in with a very interesting feature on our property that we’ve always wondered about:  Kate’s door faces in the direction of a rock formation up on the side of a hill.  It is man-made (more likely woman made) that looks like a woman reclining. A head, body, arms, legs. It’s remarkable.  Since I was a little girl, Mom and I would decorate our “witch” every summer.

Elucidating the darker side…
In saying all this, I’m sure there are people who still say – “That’s all very well and good, but what about the bad ghosts?” There are negative energies in ghost form that can be troublesome.  There are routines, tools, that I do every day to protect myself from negative energy no matter where it comes from. (More on protection in Part 7).

I have learned to be much more concerned about the negative energies on this side. The reality is, a ghost can do little but frighten you. A person on this side can harass you, hurt you, kill you, make life misery for your family.

Learn the Big Lesson
The underlying big picture lesson here is not to learn how to protect yourself from ghosts, but to clean up your life the less likely you are to get stuck as a ghost.  The more you clear your energy field, heal relationships and clean up your life habits from low vibrational thinking, the less likely you are to attract troublesome ghosts. Finish your unfinished business.

Reading over all that I’ve written thus far,  I’ve eluded to but haven’t really explained about those times when we think we are seeing a ghost but we aren’t and some other things you may want to know about.

Stay tuned… (Part 6 – Psychic Imprints)

Tida (a.k.a The Accidental Medium)

— With thanks to Spirit for infinite return.
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